IR Remote for Nikon

Hi there,

Building the Automation 360 degree photography turntable. Nearly completed, but I see initial code supplied doesn’t accomodate for the Nikon Camera. Wondering if someone can help me with this? A long way to come for it too not work with the camera I have haha. It’s been challenging but I’ve loved every step and learning about this. This gadget will be more use than you can imagine in my sector of work.

Also my Rotary Encoder seems to be very sensitive, when you turn it a bit nothing seems to happen to try move onto next option, and sometimes when you turn it slowly for example it does change. Very confused. I can get to where I need to go but can be a little frustrating haha.

Thanks in advance!!!

What model or part number is your rotary encoder and how are you reading it’s values?

I’m not familiar with the project; how does it interact with the camera?

Thanks for your replay mate. The rotary encoder I used for this project is here:

The project I have been building is this one:

Very new to electronics in this sense, not to mention coding them. I mean I’m not terrible at the very basis but can be very challenging haha.

Thanks mate!

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