Is free?


Yes! is absolutely free. Once you submit a request, you’ll get instant code and an electronic circuit diagram so you can start your project. We will also email the results to you so you can use them later on, and it’s all free of charge. Enjoy!


that is cool but how do you buy the components


The feature to buy all components seems to have changed recently. A few days ago there was a tab that listed all the parts and their prices, with the option to buy them via I suspect very few people did this because the prices were sometimes multiples of the Chinese import prices. The parts can now be purchased individually from DigiKey by clicking the Buy button next to each component in the list that appears when you click Parts in the top right:

Price comparison:

The pound is currently worth $1.29 so that’s $2.80 from China vs $22 from DigiKey. I think I can wait for the free shipping from China. :smiley:


hi @anat
i just want to know that whether cicuitio is a simulator app or not :smile:


No @codeeka123, it doesn’t simulate circuits or code. It helps you see what should be connected to what, and provides code that includes all necessary libraries to test the components of your project if they support testing.