Lcd 16x2 and breadboard


Hi again this time i got another problem with my breadboard. I connected pins correctly but i have a problem with gnd and 5v; my breadboard is different:

What can i do? Help


As you’ll know by now, the breadboard is just a convenient way of connecting wires. If you have a multimeter, you can test connectivity between holes in the breadboard to see where you might connect multiple wires to 5V and GND.

If not, please share the URL of your project so we can verify what needs to be connected to 5V and GND. I suspect you could connect 5V and GND directly to the Arduino rather than via the rails that your breadboard doesn’t seem to have.


Simple thing
Here it is ^


Erm, sorry, that’s not the address. It should start with “” and then some numbers that define the components in your projects like this:,11021,611984

I gave a title in previous one


Thank you, I see there are three pins on the LCD that need to connect to the ground of the Arduino and potentiometer. You could use one of the strips of holes that run across the board if you don’t have rails that connect the length of the board. The only thing that matters is connecting all the ground wires together.


Thank you much i Will try


Any luck yet? Would be nice to know it’s working and what you’ve programmed to show on the display when you turn the potentiometer. :slight_smile:


My teachers gave me a lot of homework i think it Will be done tomorrow (project of Course)


Sorry it Will Took a week im going to make ksp controller with lcd :stuck_out_tongue:


omg 4 tests to study ;( it will took 2 weeks or more i got a trip to ukraine next week


Share it with us when you get the chance :sunglasses: