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my name’s Arfien and I am looking for help. I was just able to punches my dream car, a Range Rover, and I’m truly trying to make it my own. my uncle had a BMW & series that had a button that you could push to automatically move the forward passenger seat all the way forward but only if no one is in the seat at the time. id like that for my car as well but I have no idea how to make it happen. Another project id like to see come to life in my car is an Xbox for my rear entertainment system, ambient lighting, maybe an Amazon Echo, and to control the heated seats form a tablet I already have that’s not being used.

So id like to know if there is any way I can control all those features from a singular tablet. I have an old iPad that id like to clear out and use just for my car, or I could buy a new tablet to control everything from, but I don’t need anything besides a custom system for controlling the car from the rear seats.

I’m not sure on how clearly I’m explaining this, but id really like some help form anyone that could offer it, you can message me on here, my kik and Snap Chat is Bustax3 and my email is [email protected]

Thank you.


That’s a lot of stuff you want to do there :slight_smile:
Let’s start from the top:

  1. Moving your seat automatically - first of all, sounds a bit dangerous. If the car seats are electronically controlled, it will be easier to do this, but if there is no mechanical mechanism with motors, it could be quite difficult to do this. In any case, first test this project outside of your car to learn how the motors work.
  2. xbox - you’ll need a TV screen for this, but rather than that, shouldn’t be too difficult. For powering the screen, you’ll need an ac converter.
  3. Amazon Echo - you’ll need internet connection. You can connect it to the same power outlet as the xbox
  4. Ambient lighting - simple circuit with Arduino and LEDs, and you can control them via Bluetooth
  5. Heated seats - you will need to hack and interface the existing heating units of the seats, probably controlling them with a relay.

Good luck :slight_smile:
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