Making a pip boy


Hi every body over the years i was playing a game called fallout and i started thinking i want one of those pipboys . with my girlfriend giving me the evil eye for spending for parts she got over it lol. i have so many parts that i can make two pipboys with out the frame as for the frame i found that home depot gave me option on that design .

now everything i want to add to make this devise these are the things i want to have made in my version of a pipboy.

  1. LDC screen
    2)Radio AM/FM/Transmitter
  2. flashlight
    4)low heat laser
  3. temperature gauge
    6)USB,2,3,/HDMI/display port/VGA port
  4. 4 micro scandisk/ 2 SSD drives
    8)solar panel
  5. self cranking charging also with automatic charging system. (requires a skilled programmer)

sorry there a lot going on for this project i will have a list later on with every part i have hopefully i have most of the things i need