Making a pip boy


Hi every body over the years i was playing a game called fallout and i started thinking i want one of those pipboys . with my girlfriend giving me the evil eye for spending for parts she got over it lol. i have so many parts that i can make two pipboys with out the frame as for the frame i found that home depot gave me option on that design .

now everything i want to add to make this devise these are the things i want to have made in my version of a pipboy.

  1. LDC screen
    2)Radio AM/FM/Transmitter
  2. flashlight
    4)low heat laser
  3. temperature gauge
    6)USB,2,3,/HDMI/display port/VGA port
  4. 4 micro scandisk/ 2 SSD drives
    8)solar panel
  5. self cranking charging also with automatic charging system. (requires a skilled programmer)

sorry there a lot going on for this project i will have a list later on with every part i have hopefully i have most of the things i need



Skilled programmer huh, then @bhofmann will be the person for you.

From aidancuckoo



Easy there, this sounds like a huge project! I had to search the web to find out what a pipboy is.

Have you done this sort of thing before? If not, I’d suggest you start by getting yourself used to the process of compiling code and uploading it to your controller of choice (you didn’t mention which microcontroller you have or want to use).

Maybe a good start would be a circuit on the circuito app? Maybe something like this:,11856,360216,656839,964450