Model ROCKET Self Stabelizing Cone Module


The project is to stabilize an object using 4 servo motors built into the nose cone that will keep the model rocket straight up and stop it from spinning in order to record video that won’t make you sick to your stomach.

The servos should not be able to move more then 30゚ in each way from the 90゚standing point as to not over correct in the case of wind.


That sounds like an interesting project, please share how you build it. :slight_smile:


If you were kind enough to provide working code then I would share the process with you. The hard part and most technical part for me is the programming. Are you a programmer with this type of circuitry?

We’re taking this one step farther and making it with an Arduino Nano or Micro and then adding a number of other sensors to show how much efficiency and power a model rocketeer would want if making their own propellants. It will automatically upload everything to the cloud and give all the data back to the user’s phone.