Multiple led for multiple pushbuttons using nRF24l01


I’m trying to do a project of led switching,
2 arduinos and wireless using nRF24l01.

If I press 1st button - 1st led should blink which
is in 2nd Arduino
If it is 2nd button- 2nd led should blink
Which is in 2nd Arduino
Any ideas guys.
Coding needed guys.


Hi Elai,

You could start with assembling and testing these two circuits:

  1. Arduino uno with buttons and NRF24L01
  2. Arduino uno with LEDs and NRF24L01

I would also add a 10uF capacitor to in parallel with the pins of the NRF24L01 like this

Since doesnt provide codefor the NRF24L01 I would suggest installing the best library for it from here
The excellent documentation for it is here

You can try to run the example GettingStarted_HandlingData
Notice that you need to set the transmitting arduino (with the buttons) to role 1 and radionumber 1 and the radio pins correctly:
bool radioNumber = 1;
bool role = 1;
RF24 radio(2,10);

you need to set the receiving arduino (with the LEDs) to role 0 and radionumber 0 and the radio pins correctly:
bool radioNumber = 0;
bool role = 0;
RF24 radio(2,10);

once you get them working you can try to merge the code of the RF24 example and the code from circuito.

Let us know how it turned out, please :slight_smile:

Good Luck!

Ziv from