Need to create a circuit for stair climber? Help?

Hi there, was wondering if anyone could help. As part of my university project, we have been tasked to make a stair-climbing robot, capable of operating using an app. This robot is to carry a pint glass of water up some stairs and then return, controlled via bluetooth. Due to COVID-19, we have not been able to order the parts and physically test the components, however, we still have to show that our robot will work. Therefore I was wondering if it is possible to replicate the circuitry on this platform. If so, could anyone help me with changing a component? I need an 11.1V 2200mAh battery instead of the 9V on the website and I need a specific torque of 62 rpm for a worm gear motor which push the robot up and down, with two 15 rpm motors to drive the front two wheels forward(need to be individually controlled). I believe I will need two L298’s to drive these motors and an important safety measure was that both main drive motors be connected to separate drive modules, and the stand motor be connected to both drive modules. I also need a potentiometer in the circuit to make sure the current is not too high and a fee to model. I have listed the parts required and an image of the model for greater clarity. Currently I have submitted for a battery which fits the requirements however I am not sure how long this will take to happen:
1x Arduino Uno
2x Drive Motor
1x Gear Motor
1x 5A Fuse
1x 11.1V rechargeable battery
2x L298 Dual Drive Module
1x HC-05 Bluetooth module
1x Switch
Some set of resistors to keep the current below 1.5Amps in circuit