Newbie needs help with KITT type project


I am new and need help in a Talking Project. Do I use MOVI Shield? Want to do a KITT type thing. Please help. i know the possibilities are endless but I want to make my Truck talk to me. Its a Transformer theme which I painted. I just want it to be over the top besides the paint. Thanks


I think using a MOVI shield is the way to go. As you said there are many ways to do what you want but I think your way is good.



Would I be able to have the LEDs flash to the responses of the “truck” talking? I was thinking of LED strips or Maybe a Matrix. Im just not sure which board is big enough to do both. Dont know where to begin on code either. guessing the LEDs or Matrix would just illuminate with sound then off when not which makes the LEDs look like they are talking? Do you have experience with the MOVI? Thanks


yeah, I think so. I mean think of it. Logically it’ll be like, If speaking, LED, HIGH. I actually don’t have experience with the MOVI. I’ve been looking for something like the MOVI though. So, I guess you helped me lol. I’m here to help if I can though.


could you help with code? movi is a little spendy so i want to make sure it can do everytging i need it to.


I’ll try to help, but later cause I have some things I have to finish. You can also use an SD card with a speaker. So rather than talking to the Arduino, you can just have it talk to you, much cheaper. basically, have it play some voice recording when something happens.