nodeMCU {blog post}

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Hi ,
This is harsha . you have great idea but for doing there is no need of iot .If u r interested i will help you for doing the another project

Which will be controlled all the appliances using google talk with web server

By giving the voice commands to your mobile google assistance you control all the appliances in your home
if your interested pin on " [email protected] "

Is DevKitC made by the same people who make the NodeMCU? Also, will the team make other posts for circuit boards?

I found the article very informative, well structured, and easy to read. If I could make one suggestion, it would be that the power supply section could’ve included some detail on running on batteries. For example, does it have low power drop out, or do things start failing when the voltage is below a threshold?

Thank you for a very interesting read.

Thanks! We’ll take a look at it!