NRF24L01 Raspberry Pi 3B procject won't let me download the code


 I'm tired of replacing batteries in the 2.4Ghz remotes for my adjustable bed so I'm working on a project.  I have a Raspberry Pi 3B in my bedroom with Kodi on it so I want to use it to also control the bed.  Anyway, when I got to this project:,200000,748665

It says:

AccessDenied Access Denied 9EFDF11D72BDBF1F wAcgyQ9+owMhTugWQawGiTzkbGYfPuq8o/SrdnR7aQArPUBxZWVn9Zjs57o/N1kogeM1uR0wTwI=

I’m new to this commumity and appreciate any help.

Thanks so much,

Hi Eric

That sounds like a great project but unfortunately this is a known issue when you try generate the code for a pi project.

Some people have managed to work around it by replacing the board with an Arduino and then writing their own code for the pi.

If you do manage to work around it, it would help others if you would explain how you did it.

Good luck with your mission! :vulcan_salute:t2:

I don’t think you understood the question. The circuito website is preventing me from getting the python script. Some sort of 404 error.

That is the issue. You can’t download code for the Pi.