PCB layout creator is gone


What happened to the PCB editor/ creator? Is there another way to access it? It was really cool.


Is there anyone from Circuito.io that will reply to the comment?
What happened to the PCP editor/Creator?


Hi Coleman!
Yes, you refer to our pro site,
Did you use it? We currently turned it down because it was difficult for us to maintain both versions, and we’re thinking how to support this feature in the future.

I would be very happy to learn how did you use it, so we can improve on that feedback!


Hello Eyal,

The tool eliminated guess work associated with PCB design.
It just made good sense.


Hello Eyal,

Could Circuito release a scaled back version or one will limited support?


Did you actually use it to create PCBs? because it didn’t have a lot of components to begin with


The PCB tool is sufficient for teaching high school students the concepts of design.