PCB layout editor


Damn, if you do profit on components that people can buy and makes everything else acceptable for everyone I don’t have words other than you have my respect and I will suggest your site to everyone I can find so you will have more people.

It’s not that useful for me other than just getting started a new project but for people who just want to get involved first time in engineering it is just superb! You are doing a very important and incredible contribution to the future of engineering.

Thank you!

Hope to see a more powerful schematics editor and maybe PCB layout editor in the future.


Thanks! We’d love for you to be our ambassador, and spread the word out so that more people know about circuito.io. It’s our pleasure to serve this wonderful community of makers.
We’d also love it if you could share some of the projects you start with circuito.io with our community so that people have more idea about what they can do with this tool. You’ve actually given me an ideas! I’m going to open a thread where people can share their circuito.io creations with the community :slight_smile:
Happy Making!