Permanent Connection for Uno Inputs/Outputs


I am looking for a sound way to include an Uno in a semi-permanent installation.

I am familiar with the screw terminals (and their expense) and would like to do this in a less expensive manner. Given that, would you?

  • de-solder the input and output sockets so they can be directly soldered to?
  • solder wires to groups of header pins (I found some right-angle header pins which may be the ticket) and plug those in?
  • de-solder the sockets and replace with header pins so the Uno can be soldered to the PCB?

The reason for using the Uno here is two-part: I have several of them AND this will be used to educate other model builders on how to add/use Arduino in their projects to add special effects and animation to their models. I know this could be easily accomplished with a Nano or Mini, but I want something more “visible” during talks and demonstrations.


I’d probably solder to the pins on the underside of the board where the headers are already soldered.