Please help, I want to make a motorized wheelchair controlled by arduino


So ive seen some youtubers making rc’s with an arduino, L298N driver, and 2 motors and i wonder if i can apply the same concept but replacing the motors with 2 10rpm motors for controlling a wheelchair. will it be powerful enough? and wont the driver burnout with a more powerful motor?


In theory, it’s possible to do something like this. However, keep in mind that the wheelchair is carrying a heavy load, therefore you’ll need strong powerful motors, with gear and an appropriate power source. It’s really a trial an error type of project - you’ll need to try different motor and driver options and see how it works.
Good luck! Keep us posted.


tnx! will keep you posted :ok_hand:


I have adapted a wheelchair base to be controlled by an Arduino. It is strong enough to carry two grandkids (120 lbs) up and down my long driveway.

The controller is a serial joystick. To convert that to bluetooth would not be too difficult.

I used two 35 amp/hr deep cycle batteries for 24 vdc. I tapped one batt for 12 volt lights. I used two 60 amp Talon Smart Speed Controllers from CTR Electronics to run two older standard wheel chair motors.

An Arduino Uno ran a script that interfaced a common, two pot joystick for bidirectional control and speed.

It was a fun springtime project that provided a drivable base for several fun projects.


Wow, sounds like a really cool project. Do you have any photos or videos to share? Maybe some more info about how you built the project?
Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:
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I haven’t tried to deploy this yet, but thought I’d point you to REALLY cool project at the Hackaday site: " The Gaze-Controlled Wheelchair that Won the Hackaday Prize" @

I contacted the author and he said that he’d be glad to talk to anyone who’s interested.