Printing... will it ever be possible to do?

I’ve been playing with Circuito-IO a little and LIKE IT…
I finally got to seeing the Bill of Materials (BOM) and would like to print a copy so I can work with it… There is No way to Copy or Print it.

Will it ever be possible to do?

It appears that this type of request goes back 2 years without any replies from anyone…


Thank you very much,

I can’t see this happening Joe. From what I’ve seen this project seems to have been somewhat neglected - though I’m delighted to see it’s still online.

If you’re handy with the dev tools in your browser, this code will give you an array of the items and their quantities that you could copy to another program to print. Sorry; I know it’s not great but the best I could do with the little time I have.

var items = [...document.querySelector(".webix_ss_body").children[1].children[0].children[1].children].map(function(i) { return {'description':i.innerText} });
[...document.querySelector(".webix_ss_body").children[1].children[0].children[1].children].forEach((i,ix) => items[ix].quantity = i.innerText);

Hi Bernhard!

Thank you for the reply! I was wondering if anything was going to happen.

It’s a shame that this is being so neglected… A great Start… Looks like there is no incentive to maintain Parts too…

I’m not sure what you mean by “dev tools in browser”… I use Chrome & FireFox… Are these tools specific to the Browser? … or what?
I am familiar with HTML… Looks like you’re possibly taking data from the Browser screen… Yes/No? Can you easily shed more light on the subject?

Thank you very much! It’s nice to see some resemblance of LIFE here after all! :slight_smile:


Hi Joe

All modern browsers have developer tools. You can toggle them with F12. Once open, there’s a “console” tab where you can paste the above code. It’s far from ideal though. If I had more time is make a browser extension but I’m so so busy these days.