Problem with the app


Hello, i’ve a problem with the app:
I don’t have, or i dont’ see, the drag and drop panel on the left.
I see a white panel, but without the search bar and without the components,


What browser and operating system are you using? I’m using Chrome browser on Windows for example.


I’m using Google Chrome on windows 10.


This is the web site like I see it.


I’m having a problem as well. When I open the platform i can’t see any of the components except for the Arduino. I’m using Microsoft Edge Windows 10.


This might seem a little scary at first, but if you press F12, the dev tools will open. In there you should see a tab for “Console”. I’d be interested to see what errors you see in there - if any. See below:

You can close the dev tools again with F12 - it toggles the window.


Hey there, are you still experiencing this issue?


Hey, are you still experiencing this issue?


Believe it or not, I haven’t had time to use this method to fix the problem. I have very limited internet access in this place I’m staying. I’ll try it once I get the chance to. I love to contribute by finding bugs in the system so this is probably not the first you’ll hear of a problem that i face.


Believe it or not, there are no errors on the consule


@anat @bhofmann
So I tried what bhofmann suggested and nothing happened. There were no errors. Everything seemed to be working properly.:confused:


How small is your screen Jafar? I’ve tested it and see that the panel doesn’t load components if the panel is too small. Could you save and post a screenshot please?


Thats so weird, I tried to use the app earlier today and there was no change. I tried to go to it right now and it worked flawlessly. Although there is a lag but thats a given. Thanks for the help anyway man.


I’m glad it’s working properly now. If the problem reoccurs, please let us know :slight_smile:


Will do. By the way, I sent you a message regarding creating a group and such. Can you please reply to it?


Yep, Eyal sent you an Email, did you get it? We’d be glad to open it for you. Let me know if you haven’t received it


yes I have. I’ve been speaking to him for a while now. Thanks for checking in Anat. :smiley: