Project Dust Measurement PMS7003


Hi ,

I am a very very beginner to this things here, I’m trying to do my project on Dust Measurement using the PMS7003 connected to ESP8266 (well sort of, it’s actually ETEE052 ESPino Wifi Board) I had download the circuit diagram and example code from many web site. But I am choosing to stuck with this one and connecting my circuit as shown:

Q#1: i don’t know “Set Control” is which pin on the board. Could you guys give me some help?

Q#2: The code i had downloaded. After compiling (not yet upload to the board) had the problem at the “SoftwareSerial Serial1(10,11);” as “Conflict Declaration”

#include <SoftwareSerial.h>
SoftwareSerial Serial1(10, 11); // serial ports RX, TX
// input byte variables
int inputHigh = 0;
int inputLow = 0;
// variable to caclulate checksum input variables
uint16_t inputChecksum = 0;
// sensor variables
uint16_t concPM1_0_CF1;
uint16_t concPM2_5_CF1;
uint16_t concPM10_0_CF1;
uint16_t concPM1_0_amb;
uint16_t concPM2_5_amb;
uint16_t concPM10_0_amb;
uint16_t rawGt0_3um;
uint16_t rawGt0_5um;
uint16_t rawGt1_0um;
uint16_t rawGt2_5um;
uint16_t rawGt5_0um;
uint16_t rawGt10_0um;
uint8_t version;
uint8_t errorCode;
uint16_t checksum;
void setup() {
while (!Serial) {
Serial.println(“Serial port ready”);

That’s my problems for now. If you guys could give some comment. It would be appreciated. Thanks guys.