Radar Using UltraSonic Sensor and Servo Motor


hi there
here i cant upload programm to my arduino uno board
how can i fix it plz



Could you describe what you’ve done to try program the board? Did you plug it in? Is it recognised by your computer? Did you specify the port in the Arduino IDE? Does the Arduino IDE attempt to program the board?

It’s impossible for people around the world to help if we don’t have more details - we can’t see your screen. :wink:

Hope to help you soon


Thanks Mr.Bernhard
for responding to my trouble
any way i had get completed my project work thanks for having care about me


Sir could you please sugest a project for distict level compition for my college programme
based on IOT or Any other


A big part of college is doing the work yourself. :wink:


yes sir
thanks for responding to my request