Raspberry pi zero w @ small room control project


HAppy new year

I use a raspberry pi 3 to built a project

but actually, raspberry pi zero W with the camera and LED light panel(110V) is what I want,
how can I add raspberry Pi zero W with camera and coding here?



Hi Freddie

The app doesn’t appear to have a Pi Zero yet, nor a camera module that I could find. I did find a Pi and the NeoPixel Ring you have in your screenshot. Here’s a link to that circuit: https://www.circuito.io/app?components=9443,200000,964450

I believe the best way to find components is to type into the “Search for a component” field to try find them. Failing that, just select “Inputs” and scroll through the available components to see if what you want is supported.

Good luck with your project in the new year. :slight_smile: