Read Inside & outside Temp & Humidity in a Car


I added an Inside, outside, and Humidity device. I was going to go with a Raspberry Pi,
but turning off the car may cause corruption of the SD Card. So I went with the Arduino.
I have all of the parts, so great for me. I went to an Auto supply for the black shielding
to protect the wires, and bought C-Clamps. Also spread the clamps with black primer
to protect the screws & clamps from rusting. This was a fun project, and simple…

Only change the code, so it will print F° rather then C°.
Also added an LDR so it will dim at night. A 19K Pot will be on the outside if you
need more dimming control.

This should come in handy for someone.


Could you include links to the project and possibly the source code, photos, etc.?


I just started using So I’m not sure how to send you what you want.
I have a folder with everything. So I need some guidance from you, or just send me your email and I’ll forward it to you. I’d like to get direction on how I can do this via your web site.


Hey Teddy, we’d love to feature your project on our blog! If you’re interested, please contact me - [email protected]