Regarding usage of simulator


Hello all

I have been using would want to know if using simulator feauture of if it possible to have randome test data for sensor before I actually buy any, like if I have a project needing to use a temperature sensor and have a display connected using arduino I wanted some random data for temperature data that will be shown in display for getting an overview of things working fine as I may have thought as will be using different sensors in project and wanted to test if it’s worth buying for my project requirements,I’m fine with approximate random data…thanks once again to all



I don’t think so, each component has independent test code. It’s conceivable though, that the main test code could show values from inputs on each output, but the complexity in knowing what values are suitable for each display is probably what has stopped this from being a feature.



@bhofmann Thanks my only needs is before getting actual sensors bought I wanted a rough way to test if the sensor works with my project I’m not looking for accurate test results as well, so I hope the simulator can do the work with some random data?thoughts please



I think I misunderstood your original question. As far as I know, Circuito doesn’t simulate anything. It’s value is in knowing how to connect components for use in a circuit with a microcontroller. If there’s a simulation feature I’ve not seen it so please tell me where it is! :smiley:

If you want to know whether a sensor (or any other component) is suitable for your project, the best thing to do is read the datasheet.

Is there a specific component you’re looking to use? Can you tell us what your requirements are?



Thanks @bhofmann for your message I am not looking to simulate microcontroller simply I want to have some random sensor data as there will be different usage in my project and initially want to test it before actually buying sensor as I think datasheet won’t help much…Thanks once again kindly guide me if simulator in this site will do