Replacing an FTDI with Arduino Uno?


The scheme tutorial do not show how the FTDI is paired up.

I’m a beginner, is is possible to use an Arduino Uno instead? is there another way to pair up them all by using an Arduino Uno? The FTDI in the tutorial requires me to ship and I don’t have the time to wait. It Would also be cheaper for me to be using an Arduino Uno which I already have.

If someone knows how to pair them up with an Arduino Uno, could you possible explain step by step or direct me to another source that has the answer.


If you want to upload the code to the Pro Mini with an Arduino Uno instead of FTDI, you can follow this Instructables that will show you exactly how to do this.
In the new version of, you can also see the FTDI, and of course, modify the circuit to your needs. Here’s the link to the circuit.