Rotary Encoder as Mouse Wheel


Hey everyone,

Im working on a project that is essentially a giant knob that controls various parameters on my PC. Specifically in my DAW. I’d like to use a rotary encoder that my PC essentially sees as a mouse wheel so when I mouse over a specific parameter I can make an adjustment. I believe thats the best way as MIDI data works great but I would have to manually teach the software what the controller is outputting for each parameter.

I was wondering what you all would recommend for a board and how you would go about coding that idea. From some research I would think Id want the Leonardo as it has USB built in.

The build idea would be like this:

unless there are better suggestions for an encoder (looking for the smoothest and most accurate) and setup. Im all ears.

thank you!



Arduino Leonardo or Micro are good options because they can imitate a keyboard or mouse when connected via USB. You can use the built-in mouse and keyboard library from the Arduino IDE -
The main code logic is to read the encoder and send mousewheel-like commands to the computer.

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