Serial Monitor not finding


Hello Everyone,

I am working on a project that checks the temperature and prints it on an LCD monitor however when I check if the monitor and sensor respond to Arduino it says that Arduino had not found the components.

If anyone knows what this is and what is wrong, and how to help please tell me.


Hi TreeLeaF

Could you include a link to your project so that we can see the intended circuit? It would also help if you could upload a photo of your circuit so that we can see what’s connected to what (wiring), and the code you’re using to test the components (if you’ve changed it from the code provided).



This is my project wiring.,9442,9590,10167,11021,417986. I didn’t change the code at all.


Thank You for your help


Could you copy the message and paste it here? Is the message appearing in the serial monitor?

I can’t see anywhere in the sample code that would report the error. Have you double checked your wiring of the display? VCC to 5V, GND to GND, SCL is connected to A5 and SDA to A4? Could you include a photo so we can see this?


Is your serial monitor working now? I mean I can still help…