Serial Monitor Not Processing Numbers above 9

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I am a newbie and unfamiliar with how to incorporate parseInt() into the code. I am limited to testing components associated with menu selections 1-9 in the serial monitor. If I attempt to test component associated with menu number 11 it will test component associated with menu selection 1 twice.

Code and Wiring

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The problem is that serial read only reads the first character entered. From the documentation:

The first byte of incoming serial data available (or -1 if no data is available). Data type: int

A simple way to fix this issue would be to use letters after 9. 10 would be A, 11 would be B, etc. Giving you 35 options.

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Thank you so much for your reply. I really appreciate the information you provided. I researched this for a few days and could not find the answer. I replaced the numbers above 9 with alphabets as you suggested and it worked!!!

Thank you!!!

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For the record, there are other ways of fixing this, but this seemed the simplest. A better “fix” might be to read a string from the serial port but then all the code that compares with single quotes would have to be changed to double quotes for strings (not single characters). So as I said, this approach is simpler and quicker if 35 options is enough. I guess you could get more if you’re willing to use other characters. :wink: