Smart pillow to detect Sleep Apnea utilizing RaspberryPi

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I am working on a project to detect sleeping disorder mainly focusing on “sleep apnea”.Sleep apnoea syndrome (SAS) is a disease consisting in the nocturnal cessation of oronasal airflow at least 10 seconds in duration. My goal is to detect this syndrome and visualize on a mobile application for the patient. Projects done in the past detect snoring to check whether the patient has SAS or not.

In my scenario, i would like to detect the snoring sound and rectify it by sending a buzzer sound to distract the patient during sleep. The issue that i am facing is choosing the right sensors before making any purchase and that’s where i am looking for some guidance.

That’s an interesting idea. Are you intending to sense only by sound, or could you use motion (or the lack thereof) to detect periods of apnea?

I think the audio distraction is easily done with a cheap component like a piezo buzzer which the microcontroller can control without additional hardware.