Stepper motor,HW-130 motor shield, button switch1 CW, button switch2 CCW,45degree rotation every push of button.,

Please help me on my project.
I need help for wiring and code.
1 Arduino Uno R3
1 Stepper motor NEMA17, 12VDC, 17hHS023, 1.8 degree step angle.
1 Motor Shield HW-130
2 tactile button switch
2 1Kohm resistor for the switch
1 power supply,12VDC

The stepper motor is intended to turn 45 degrees each time of a push of the switch.
Switch1 is for clock wise rotation.
Switch2 for counter clock wise rotation.

What have you tried so far? It’ll be useful to see how far you’ve got and what you’re specifically getting stuck on. Do you have a diagram of where you’re currently up to?

I did not used a motor shield so i have more free pins. I linked a stepper driver module to arduino uno r3 instead.