The site is not letting me add any components


hi, fot the last 12 hours i am unable to add any components on the composite area of your site. i get a gray box area that says ‘drag and drop’ but if i do it, either nothing happens or i get a message that says ‘opps! try again’.


Hey, is this issue still happening?
If so, please let us know which browser you’re using and whether you’re using a mobile device or computer.


yes, it is still occuring. i am using a Mac and safari browser


Unfortunately, doesn’t run smoothly on Safari. We recommend using Chrome if you can.
Apologies for the inconvenience.
Anat from


I can not add any components. On Windows 10, Tablet, v. 1603, using Chrome (64 bit) v. 71, when I attempt to drag a component, I am redirected back to the Home page every time.



The app is best used on a PC or laptop. Unfortunately, we have some glitched on tablets. If tablet is your only option, you can try to click on the component and then click “add” in the pop-up instead of dragging and dropping.
Good luck,
Anat from


Help! I’m using Chrome on a Mac but isn’t letting me add anything!


Could you share a screenshot?


Sure bhofmann!
The image is below.


The components pane is hidden for screen width 990px or narrower. I don’t see a feature to open it on narrower screens and the code that modifies the DOM on resize isn’t making it easy for me to give you a script that would make it appear. :frowning:

Your screenshot is 1440px wide. Could it be the screen resolution that makes the code think your 1440 is less than 990?? :confused:

I could include some code to help you find the components, but the components collection is about 300kB and I’m not sure if there’s copyright on the data that I would be breaching if I made it available outside the circuito app. The best we can hope for is that the developers add a button to show the components panel on smaller screens.


Hi Bernhard! It must be because I cropped the image for internet privacy. I’ll try and go to the same page and screenshot it uncropped.


Here it is! :wink:



I know it may be a bit obvious, but can you try clearing your browser cache or working from a different browser? I’m not able to reproduce this error on my end and I’d like to try and understand why it’s happening.
Anat from


It works! Thank you, Anat! :smile:



Sorry, as in cleaning browser cache works. :tada:


Awesome :slight_smile: Sorry about the glitch, glad you got it to work.
We’re here if you need anything else.


Everything is ok back here but thanks! :wink: