Thirsty Flamingo code error message


Hi there!

I having some trouble with the code that was given to me for the thirsty flamingo project I’m using an Adrunio Uno instead of the mini pro. I keep on getting an error message when I try to verify it. I really don’t know much about coding so any advice you can give me would help a lot!

Thank you in advance!!


Hi abbygene,

Let’s do it step by step:
1- first, since you modified the hardware you use, use with your specific hardware set to get the exact schematic and sample code for your choice of hardware.

2- then use our sample code to verify your wiring and make sure all your hardware parts are doing the function they need to do.

After you’ve completed these and you know that on a basic level your hardware is working: producing sounds, measuring moisture… you can start building out the specific logic you need.

3 - try now to replace the code with the code snippet we provide in the tutorial and send us the error you’re getting (preferably a screenshot of your IDE)


I apologize for the delay. I know that I have done step one. However, how would I be able to verify my wiring in step two if the code won’t verify?


You followed the instructions (downloaded the code, unzipped it, uploaded it to your Arduino via the IDE?), you then open your serial monitor and press one of the options to test a component.

Is anything printed out in your serial monitor? Send a screenshot.


I have attached a screenshot of the error I get when i try to upload the code.


the firmware.ino file is provided to you in a folder that also includes other files. The firmware.ino depends on all those files to run. Therefore, you need to unzip the entire folder and make sure that when you open the firmware.ino in your IDE, all the files in the folder are also being opened (you’ll see them in different tabs).

Only then will the code compile.