Trying to code Bluetooth temperature reader. Help?

I ordered parts for this project but the Bluetooth module is 4 prong and I can’t seem to find code for a 4 prong Bluetooth module.

If anyone knows how to code for a circuit like this (but the Bluetooth module as 4prong) I would really apricate some help.

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Does the module you bought have a data sheet, model number, or letters printed on the circuit board near the pins?

Looks like the module in your sketch only has four pins connected so if we can figure out which ones they are, it might be as simple as matching the circuito project.

here is the back of the module if you can get anything from that.

though it did not come with a data sheet

That looks like four make pins and two more through holes on the outsides. I’ll check your circuit when I’m on my laptop next (doesn’t work on phones).

Thank you so much. I’m still learning to code so it’s hard to make custom projects

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It looks like you chose the “Bluetooth 4 (BLE) HM-10” module in your circuit. You can share circuito projects with the URL like,11021,395589 - the 395589 on the end is the Bluetooth module.

If you hover on the wires connecting the Arduino to the device, you’ll see it tells you what’s connected to what. For example: “BLEHM10 VCC to ArduinoUno 5v” tells you to connect the VCC pin on the Bluetooth module to the 5V pin on the Arduino UNO. In the circuito project link I shared above, the only connections are to RX,TX,GND, and VCC which are labelled on your device as RXD, TXD, RND, and VCC.

Does that make sense? If you’re still stuck, please copy the URL from the address of your circuito project and paste it here to make sure we’re discussing the same components.

Good luck!

thank you so mush this was a big help I will test out the circuit

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actually sorry but is there a way to attach a waterproof temperature sensor to the circuit and have it tell you the temperature through a bluetooth devise? The bluetooth module connects to an app on my phone but I don’t know if there is a way for it to tell me the tempature