Trying to put my idea on paper

Hey all, I’ve never used Arduino before. I am very new to this. I have this idea in my head I’m trying to set down on paper. Basically what I’m trying to do is have a pressure plate or sensor, that when lifted will create a RGB light effect, as well as play a sound. I’m not sure how to go about doing this at all. Trying to mess around with the software to give myself a better understanding. In my head this doesn’t seem very complex I just don’t know where to start or what components I would need. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Is it when you lift the sensor, or remove something that’s on the sensor?

It would be when the object is removed that is on the sensor. I found some pressure plates online but they’re expensive for my liking as I would need many of them. I looked into piezo sensors too but they don’t seem to be what I’m looking for.

Edit: On second thought piezo sensors may work. I am just unsure about hooking up several of them. Will it effect them having multiple set up? As in will they be able to read inputs/outputs still?

That depends on which Arduino you use (done have more pics than others).

How many sensors were you hoping to use?

Here’s a circuito circuit using an Arduino Nano with 10 micro switches:,11022,305155,305155,305155,305155,305155,305155,305155,305155,305155,305155

Whatever sensor you use is either going to be analog or digital. I’ve assumed digital because you didn’t talk about how high something needs to be lifted, just lifted. Micro switches are designed to do this sort of thing and are often found in the pinch zone in wardrobe doors to automatically switch lights on when the door is opened.

If the lights and sounds can be produced simply enough, there’s no real need for a microcontroller. You could do this with pure electronic signals (you’ll see people refer to these circuits as “discrete electronics”).

Could you elaborate on your design so that we can offer the most cost effective or simplest solutions?

Right now I have the Arduino uno. As I don’t know much about them this seemed like the simplest one to use. I was hoping to use upwards of like 20 sensors if that is even possible. If it isn’t I would just use around maybe 5? So far a small list I have compiled for parts required are as follows:

Arduino Uno
Jumper wires
Power supply
Bread board
RGB lights
Piezo sensors

Unsure if I need the following:
5V Relay

I was planning on building a small liquor cabinet with lights around the perimeter. Having the bottles rest on the sensor and light up/play a sound when the bottle is lifted. I will look into your link now thank you.

There’s a neat 3 watt RGB Adafruit Pixie LED on which is really bright.

Good luck with your project!

P.S I’m not sponsoring Adafruit even if I mention them a lot. I just like their products.