URGENT! Portable Weather Station


Good day! I’ve recently started my Portable Weather Station and I’m having a trouble in displaying the data. I’ve done everything up to the dot of the circuit guide for the components, but it hasn’t worked.

Our materials are:

  • 16x2 LCD Display Board IC2
  • Arduino Uno
  • BMP 180 Sensor
  • DHT 11 Sensor

Here’s the full schematic:

The sensor in the diagram is DHT22 though, we’re using a DHT 11 so we didn’t follow any instruction related to a resistor.

The whole code is as follows:

// Include Libraries
#include “Arduino.h”
#include “SFE_BMP180.h”
#include “DHT.h”
#include “LiquidCrystal_PCF8574.h”

// Pin Definitions
#define DHT_PIN_DATA 2

// Global variables and defines
// There are several different versions of the LCD I2C adapter, each might have a different address.
// Try the given addresses by Un/commenting the following rows until LCD works follow the serial monitor prints.
// To find your LCD address go to: http://playground.arduino.cc/Main/I2cScanner and run example.
//#define LCD_ADDRESS 0x3F
#define LCD_ADDRESS 0x27

// Define LCD characteristics
#define LCD_ROWS 2
#define LCD_COLUMNS 16
#define SCROLL_DELAY 150
#define BACKLIGHT 255
// object initialization
SFE_BMP180 bmp180;
LiquidCrystal_PCF8574 lcdI2C;

// define vars for testing menu
const int timeout = 10000; //define timeout of 10 sec
char menuOption = 0;
long time0;

// Setup the essentials for your circuit to work. It runs first every time your circuit is powered with electricity.
void setup()
// Setup Serial which is useful for debugging
// Use the Serial Monitor to view printed messages
while (!Serial) ; // wait for serial port to connect. Needed for native USB

//Initialize I2C device
// initialize the lcd
menuOption = menu();


// Main logic of your circuit. It defines the interaction between the components you selected. After setup, it runs over and over again, in an eternal loop.
void loop()

if(menuOption == '1') {
// BMP180 - Barometric Pressure Sensor Breakout - Test Code
// Read Altitude from barometric sensor, note that the sensor is 1m accurate
double bmp180Alt = bmp180.altitude();
double bmp180Pressure = bmp180.getPressure();
double bmp180TempC = bmp180.getTemperatureC();     //See also bmp180.getTemperatureF() for Fahrenheit

Serial.print(F("Altitude: ")); Serial.print(bmp180Alt,1); Serial.print(F(" [m]"));
Serial.print(F("\tpressure: ")); Serial.print(bmp180Pressure,1); Serial.print(F(" [hPa]"));
Serial.print(F("\tTemperature: ")); Serial.print(bmp180TempC,1); Serial.println(F(" [°C]"));

else if(menuOption == '2') {
// DHT22/11 Humidity and Temperature Sensor - Test Code
// Reading humidity in %
float dhtHumidity = dht.readHumidity();
// Read temperature in Celsius, for Fahrenheit use .readTempF()
float dhtTempC = dht.readTempC();
Serial.print(F("Humidity: ")); Serial.print(dhtHumidity); Serial.print(F(" [%]\t"));
Serial.print(F("Temp: ")); Serial.print(dhtTempC); Serial.println(F(" [C]"));

else if(menuOption == '3') {
// LCD Display Screen 16x2 I2C - Test Code
// The LCD Screen will display the text of your choice.
lcdI2C.clear();                          // Clear LCD screen.
lcdI2C.print("  Circuito.io  ");                   // Print print String to LCD on first line
lcdI2C.selectLine(2);                    // Set cursor at the begining of line 2
lcdI2C.print("     Rocks!  ");                   // Print print String to LCD on second line


if (millis() - time0 > timeout)
    menuOption = menu();


// Menu function for selecting the components to be tested
// Follow serial monitor for instrcutions
char menu()

Serial.println(F("\nWhich component would you like to test?"));
Serial.println(F("(1) BMP180 - Barometric Pressure Sensor Breakout"));
Serial.println(F("(2) DHT22/11 Humidity and Temperature Sensor"));
Serial.println(F("(3) LCD Display Screen 16x2 I2C"));
Serial.println(F("(menu) send anything else or press on board reset button\n"));
while (!Serial.available());

// Read data from serial monitor if received
while (Serial.available()) 
    char c = Serial.read();
    if (isAlphaNumeric(c)) 
        if(c == '1') 
			Serial.println(F("Now Testing BMP180 - Barometric Pressure Sensor Breakout"));
		else if(c == '2') 
			Serial.println(F("Now Testing DHT22/11 Humidity and Temperature Sensor"));
		else if(c == '3') 
			Serial.println(F("Now Testing LCD Display Screen 16x2 I2C"));
            Serial.println(F("illegal input!"));
            return 0;
        time0 = millis();
        return c;



  • LCD just blinks and has no data.
  • The Arduino IDE says it’s done uploading, but when I come to test it, nothing happens

I’m greatly asking for all of your kind assistance, this project means a lot to me, and this is my first project in the field of robotics. Thank you!


I must admit that I only scanned through your post, but I didn’t see why it’s URGENT! Could you explain why you think your project is more urgent than others on here?


Hey Nyxtral,
Congratulations on starting your first project!
You haven’t mentioned anywhere that you’ve opened the serial monitor to test that the components are working. There are instructions on how to do this in the code tab on circuito.io and also in the code itself. You can also take a look at thedebugging post on our blog.
Let us know how you’re progressing :slight_smile:
Anat from circuito.io