Voltage booster for 1-3Vdc to 12V-24vdc

Hi… im doing a mini project in school regarding a mini wind turbine. The ac voltage produced from my mini wind turbine is minimum 1v maximum i can get until 10v. i cant get high wind speed so i decided to regulate the voltage to 3v and i would like to boost it up from 3v to 12v - 24v. Can you please send me a circuit diagram of a voltage booster?

I’m not sure what components you plan to use, but how about following this guide?
Looks like a great project!

I’ve look through the link you shared. Thank you sir!

In case i can’t find the component MC34063 as shown in the link. Can i have another schematic for the component that i am using now? which is LT1073-12. Thanks for time sir.

You’re welcome!
I do not know the component you mentioned but I’m sure you can easily find online typical circuits for it.
I found this one http://www.linear.com/product/LT1073