Water saving unit


I want to create a device that saves water but im very bad at coding. PLs help

How it works:

-the user will turn on the device with a switch. (switch)
-a different password is pressed to run different programming code (keypad)

  • the water will run for 5min before the solenoid valve shuts off. (solenoid valve)
  • 30 secs before the valve shuts, an LED will light up to indicate to the user that time is almost up. (LED)
  • the solenoid valve will turn on again after 30 secs for 1minute before shutting off again. ( should be in the loop section of programming?)
  • programme will reset when power is turned off


Different programming code for different time interval


Hi epic,
I’d love to make this simple code for you but I’m really busy lately. Through the years or learning Arduino, I came across a great teacher. This guy explains Arduino in the best possible way. Just watch a few videos and I assure you that you’ll be able to code it yourself.