We need help in coding


I need help in building a soil mineral detector using tcs230 and a light sensor. Please help me with coding. It will help all Farmers and this will cause development in our country. I need to find depleting chemicals in soil and to do so I am using the colorimetric principle and if it works well, It will be of great help to the society.



Hi RedArcher,
You can start with figuring out how to wire TCS230 sensor here:

Than you can look for a sample code and just change some pin definitions in the code to match your wiring. for example: https://howtomechatronics.com/tutorials/arduino/arduino-color-sensing-tutorial-tcs230-tcs3200-color-sensor/
change these settings in the code over there from:
#define S0 4
#define S1 5
#define S2 6
#define S3 7
#define sensorOut 8
#define S0 3
#define S1 4
#define S2 5
#define S3 6
#define sensorOut 2

Let me know how are you progressing…