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can anyone pleas tell me the difference between Continuous Rotation Micro Servo - FS90R and DXW90 for coding and working.



The two have some differences:
Mechanically - A Continuous Rotation Micro Servo is a servo motor without the angle limits, it is free to spin continuously. The servo 9g, on the other hand can go from 0-180 degrees. it has mechanical limits to its rotation.

Functionality - the continuous motor is usually used more like a regular motor, for driving wheels or gears, where the other one is used for angular tasks - opening a door or turning a sensor a to a specific direction.

coding - the code interface of both motors is the same. Use the IDE built-in Servo library to send them commands using servo.write(arg);
the ‘arg’ in each case has a different meaning: in the case of the servo 9g - this determines the desired angle where for the continuous servo it will determine the speed. for more information, add them to your circuit and brows the code comments.



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hi guys, this rajesh nice to be here new to this forum… have some doubts

  1. how to control an stepper motor with easy drive using bluetooth.


It’s best to start a new topic so you can get more professional help.


hello . i am student in electrical field i want to complate my project and i dont know about arduino i have to measure two voltage quantity and compare it with arduino. please any one help.


What kind of help are you looking for? Do you want coding help or do you want some advice and such?