Why Do I Get This Error?

When trying to use the ATmega328P with the NRF24L01 component, I receive the following error:


Has this circuit not been made yet, or why am I getting this error?

Thank You!

Is that error in a pop up when designing the circuit, or when you try build/run the code?

Hi. This error pops up when making the circuit in the designer. Does it work for you, when you choose ATmega328P as the controller and then add an NRF24L01 component?

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I get the same error. A notification appears at the bottom of the screen with a link to “Details” which opens a dialog with the title “Can’t read solver’s error” and a link to “SHOW OUTPUT” which then shows the JSON you pasted:


It looks like adding the NRF24L01 causes a request to https://www.circuito.io/circuito_request/d05ee80e-fc81-4157-bc3f-469bd0472c91 (the GUID might be my session and unrelated to the issue) with these component Ids:
0: “512”
1: “1000328”
2: “748665”

This appears to be a lack of support for the ATmega328P because you can create the circuit with an Arduino Uno: https://www.circuito.io/app?components=512,11021,748665

I’d suggest you make two circuits, one for your ATmega328P and the other with an Arduino so that you can get the code. You’ll need to modify the wiring to match the ATmega328P pins of course.