Need help in coding timer to be display in lcd and timer in relay


that sucks :confused: Where’d you get it from?


This is the output, and the relay is still on, i will try to disassemble and assemble the hardware


I bought it here in the link below


I doubt you can read the state of coin inserts via simple digitalRead if the output from the device is PWM. On that page it says this:

Output Type: PWM

That means the output signal is a pulse width modulated signal. You should probably use analogRead. Try adding the following in the loop where you see “Waiting for pulse”:

int val = analogRead(Coinpin);       // read the input pin
Serial.println(val);             // debug value

Watch what happens to the value when you insert a coin. Maybe different coins show different values?


With any luck, it’ll be a replica of the Sparkfun coin acceptor ( which has a few documents you can download, one of which is the datasheet. Do the connectors on yours resemble those of the Sparkfun coin acceptor?


Did you try calling them? Maybe they can email you the information.


Ill try to change the wiring and ill update the codes :slight_smile:


pulseIn function ?


I very much doubt that. You’re going to need a datasheet and probably a library to read from the coin acceptor. Without that you’re going to have a very hard time making this work.


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Thank you sir i’m goin to stick in this codes. :smiley:


This is the updated codes, in this codes the fucntion of the system is opposite when you insert coin the relay turns off with a 5 sec time :smiley: but after the 5 sec the relay continue to go on
CZONETRIAL1.ino (3.0 KB)


That’s a little strange; you print coinpin LOW in the branch of code for when it’s HIGH and vice versa.

What is the serial output you see?