Suggest a component

Hello sswcharlie! Here is the link to the product:


Can we please have a 4x4 keypad

I’m forwarding this from syracusepro for you to see.


Dear JakeBoss, I couldn’t find the link to the product you’re trying to add. Could you put the model in a reply below? :confused:

might you add the two items below

Nova PM SDS011

and thingspeak if possible

Hello Jonboy43! Thanks for your suggestions. I will link the 2 products for others to add.

Note: I have looked at the website for the Nova PM SDS011 but weirdly it shows a weird thingy in the onebox.

cheers aidan,

will there be some sort of notification when they’re added.

whta do you mean by the weird thingy??



Hi JH, there won’t be a note when a new component is added. Also by “weird thingy” I mean wrong details. You see, it shows other details that I think aren’t part of the page! See in the pictures attached.

Do you have a GitHub account, by any chance? If you do, then why not add it yourself! Go onto, scroll down to Create & Edit components(if you want a shortcut then why not click Controllers and scroll down the short list.), accept the heads up then you’ll be transported to GidPod to add your components!

I’m a beginner may be you can be of help

Hello, could you please consider adding ZMPT101B componet?

Thanks in advance

Hi Aldo! Thank you for your message! I’m sure somebody will post it…

L298P Shield R3 DC Motor Driver Module 2A H-Bridge 2 way For Arduino UNO

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hi do you have a LORA transmitter in

Could you also add MLX90365 Triaxis Position sensor?
It would be great to have some Melexis sensors in component list.
I need them for my Thesis :slight_smile:

hola, podrían poner estos elementos por favor uwu

Cnc Shield Arduino Nano V4 Ruteadora Maquina Corte Drv8825

Módulo Shield Pca9685 Pwm 12bit Driver I2c Controla 16 Servo

Nema 17 Motor Bipolar 40ncm Impresora 3d W01

modulo bluetooth hc-06

hi. i really hope you can add some Electrical conductivity sensor, pH sensor in thank you:grin:

please add DTMF decoder in circuito io.

Please add BBC micro:bit in

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Ooh the micro:bit - it’s such a tiny board!

EDIT: You can buy the micro:bit on Adafruit here:

Hi Niel

If you’ve looking for programming resources for the micro:bit (uBit), these links might be helpful:

Hope that helps :slight_smile: